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Intertrust to Change Name to CSC as Merger is Finalised

Picture of Boudewijn Thus, business development director Capital Markets at Intertrust Group

Boudewijn Thus, business development director Capital Markets at Intertrust Group

Picture of Arno Vink, executive director Capital Markets at Intertrust Group

Arno Vink, executive director Capital Markets at Intertrust Group

What’s new or has changed since the CSC acquisition of Intertrust Group?

Boudewijn Thus: Since the deal with CSC was sealed in late 2022, we’ve worked on several changes in our organisations. One major development is that as we combine organisations, we’re focusing on a regional, “follow the sun” approach as opposed to a country-by-country approach, primarily in the U.S., EMEA, and Asia Pacific regions. This allows us to help clients wherever they do business. Last year, our main internal focus was on coordinating and aligning our people and technology. Our people are, and will always be, our most valuable asset. And we are committed to investing in and building our solutions and offerings for our clients and business partners.


Arno Vink: One thing that makes our combined company is special is that it’s privately owned and has been so for 125 years. Many companies financed by private equity or publicly listed face pressures to deliver short-term returns for stakeholders. And that can impact the ability to focus on client service delivery. We have a long horizon and build and invest in long-term partnerships with our clients. That differentiates us from the competition.


Boudewijn Thus: We’ve been moving to a global team structure across regions as we’re adding new expertise. The goal is to keep growing our already great organisation and deliver the best client service in our industry globally. We’re in good shape for the year ahead.


What are the benefits of the merger?

Boudewijn Thus: The merger gives us a leadership position in the major financial jurisdictions in global financial centres and enables us to support clients wherever they’re looking to transact. This year, CSC celebrate its 125th anniversary and Intertrust Group celebrated its 70th anniversary last year, so we’re a particularly well-established group. CSC is strong in the U.S. and Intertrust is well-positioned in Europe. Together we’re both stronger in Asia Pacific. We’re have capabilities in more than 140 jurisdictions and a workforce of more than 8,000 people.


Arno Vink: Geographically, now we have a truly global footprint, as well as more diverse offerings in terms of the range of services we can offer clients. In the past, CSC focused on corporate and legal services, digital brand and cyber risk services, capital markets, fund solutions, and tax solutions. With the addition of Intertrust, CSC’s existing capital markets and fund solutions presence have been greatly enhanced. That’s a strong rationale.


How will customers in Europe notice this new structure?

Arno Vink: We’re changing our name to CSC in April of this year. We’ll become CSC and there will be a major communication campaign to announce this move.


Boudewijn Thus: Last year we marketed together with CSC to our clients in Europe and across conferences and events. It’s perfect timing for this now that we have integrated as one company.


Do you think that the new company that you have formed now, together with CSC, will change your client base?

Arno Vink: This acquisition was about bringing together the complementary expertise, capabilities, and geographic scope of CSC and Intertrust Group to allow us to better serve our clients’ global needs. Looking at capital markets, we see a big shift towards more, private credits as traditional banks retreat from this area. So, I see our client base getting broader.


What does CSC offer customers?

Arno Vink: We’re truly a one stop shop that offers services to clients in all global jurisdictions where they do business, and we have all the specialist services as well that clients may need. For example, we cover all elements of transaction requirements like escrow, trustees, and loan agency. We can deal with all elements and make sure that the client can remain focused on their core business, while we take care of the entire process. We’re already number one in Europe resulting from a commitment to both our clients and associates, and we’re reinforcing that position with our new structure.


Boudewijn Thus: We’re growing in continental Europe, and in the U.K. We recently obtained a licence for our escrow business in the U.K., which we view as an area for growth. And although we are number one in Europe’s structured finance market, there are many opportunities to serve customers in new ways thanks to our new corporate structure.


What does the securitisation event hold for you this year?

Boudewijn Thus: This year we’ll be talking about CSC and what our new identity and organisation means for the marketplace. We’re still delivering the same exceptional service and growing fast, and now have a wider portfolio to offer going forward. We’re eager to talk about that.


Arno Vink: The event is always a very good forum and platform for us to reconnect with all our clients and business partners. It’s the place to discuss market developments and actively engage with our stakeholders. It feels like coming home.


During the Dutch Securitisation Event, CSC will join the panel discussion: ESG Regulatory Panel Discussion: Empowering the EU Green Deal: Securitisation’s?”

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