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HILTERMANN LEASE GROUP wins the Securitisation Award 2023

Press Release | Outvie

Hiltermann Lease Group today won the annual Securitisation Award. The Award was presented during the traditional grand finale of the annual Securitisation Event at the Barbizon Palace in Amsterdam on March 30th, 2023. The event was attended by investors, issuers, lawyers, ratings agencies, data repositories, and IT professionals involved in the securitisation industry. 


Willem Reddingius, Structured Finance Manager at Hiltermann Lease: “We are very honoured to win the Securitisation Award. This Award is the icing on the cake of an amazing journey that has positively impacted Hiltermann Lease in so many ways. Our special thanks to all who made this possible.”


Securitsiation Award Winner | Hiltermann



The Securitisation Award recognizes outstanding achievement, a transaction, initiative, or organisation that has made a significant positive contribution to, or impact on, the Dutch securitisation market in 2022/2023. A special independent advisory board, consisting of senior professionals in the securitisation industry, nominated three candidates for this year’s award: Hiltermann Lease Group, Citi and Domivest. After their pitch during the event, which was attended by some 260 industry professionals, Hiltermann Lease Group won the award by popular vote. The award is an initiative of Outvie and the Dutch Securitisation Association (DSA). 


The Award Winner 

Hiltermann Lease Group’s portfolio of leasing services —mainly for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises — gives it a unique position on the Dutch market. Hiltermann not only offers financial products for cars, but also for a range of equipment in various business sectors. The combination of diverse financial products makes Hiltermann Group a suitable partner for end-users, vendors, and fleet-owners alike. The Dutch ABS market offers an attractive and mature ABS eco-system and as a first-time issuer, Hiltermann Group comfortably placed its transaction at attractive terms with a significant portion coming from Dutch investors. The advisors and lawyers, all highly experienced, all came from the Netherlands, also underlining the strength of the Dutch ABS Market. In addition, the Dutch economy and legal system is highly regarded by investors worldwide, greatly benefiting issuers and investors alike.


“Winning the Securitisation Award is an honour. Getting the deal done was not easy and required a lot of hard work by many people. The result has been fantastic and now winning the Securitisation Award is really the icing on the cake,” said Willem Reddingius. “We would like to thank our former CFO Susan Wan for leading the transaction on behalf of Hiltermann, Ovium as advisor to Hiltermann Lease, Rabobank as Arranger and JLM, ABN AMRO as JLM, ING as swap counterparty, and Loyens & Loeff and Hogan Lovells as legal counsel, and everyone else who has been involved and helped getting our deal over the line including, of course, our investors!” 


About Outvie, organiser of the Securitisation Event 

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About Hiltermann Lease Group 

Hiltermann Lease Group is an independent leasing company, focused on SMEs in the Netherlands. It manages a portfolio of 83,000 contracts, ranking it among the top 10 car leasing companies in the Netherlands. Hiltermann Lease Group was founded in 2004 and is located in Hoofddorp, near Amsterdam. Hiltermann Lease Group has a balance sheet total of approx. 1.36 billion Euros and an annual turnover of approx. 415 million Euros. Hiltermann Lease Group has been growing successfully over the past few years and the expectations for the future are positive. 

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