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ASR wins the Securitisation Award 2024

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Dutch Insurer ASR today won the annual Securitisation Award for its Delphinus 2023-1 securitisation. The Award was presented during the traditional grand finale of the annual Securitisation Event at the Barbizon Palace in Amsterdam on 26 March 2024. The event was attended by investors, issuers, lawyers, ratings agencies, data repositories, and IT professionals involved in the securitisation industry.

“We are deeply honoured to receive the Securitisation Award 2024 for our Delphinus 2023-1 securitisation,” said  Serdar Özdemir, Senior Portfolio Manager at a.s.r vermogensbeheer | Structuring. Returning to the market after 17 years underscores our commitment to providing robust funding solutions for a.s.r., enabling us to sustainably enhance our mortgage business. Successfully placing a EUR 500 million RMBS transaction demonstrates a widespread support for a.s.r. in the securitisation market. This achievement reflects our dedication to contribute to the advancing growth and sustainability of the industry. We share this success with our dedicated team and partners, whose expertise and hard work have been indispensable.”



The Securitisation Award recognizes outstanding achievement, a transaction, initiative, or organisation that has made a significant positive contribution to, or impact on, the Dutch securitisation market in 2023/2024. A special independent advisory board, consisting of senior professionals in the securitisation industry, nominated three candidates for this year’s award: a.s.r., ING and Qander. After their pitch during the event, which was attended by some 300 industry professionals, a.s.r. won the award by popular vote. The award is an initiative of Outvie and the Dutch Securitisation Association (DSA).


The Securitisation Award advisory board nominated a.s.r. for the Securitisation Award because: “For Delphinus and a.s.r. this is a return to the market after many years. The first issuance in 17 years from this reputable sponsor, successfully placing EUR 500m in RMBS. This was followed by a retained transaction of a.s.r. as well. Seeing these established brands reappear illustrates the strength of the Dutch securitisation market,” the board said.


“The Delphinus 2023-I transaction marks a significant milestone in a.s.r.’s funding strategy, showcasing our resolve to diversify funding sources for the sustainable growth of our mortgage business,” Serdar added. “Bolstered by our strategic business combination with Aegon, we will continue to cement our leadership in the market. The successful placement of Delphinus 2023-I marks a robust return of the Delphinus programme with the last securitisation originated in 2006. Our achievement is inextricably linked to the Netherlands’ robust securitisation landscape and the unparalleled expertise of our securitisation partners. Their contributions have been instrumental in enhancing a.s.r.’s long-term funding and liquidity management, enabling us to consistently produce a strong mortgage portfolio, fortify our balance sheet, and boost profitability, benefiting a.s.r., our customers and our valued investors.”


About Outvie, organiser of the Securitisation Event

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About ASR, winner of the Securitisation Award


ASR Nederland N.V. (a.s.r.) is the second-largest insurer in the Netherlands. a.s.r. helps its customers share risks and build up capital for the future. We do this with services and products that are good for today, tomorrow and always, in the fields of insurance, banking products, pensions and mortgages for consumers, businesses and employers. a.s.r. is also active as an asset manager for third parties. a.s.r. is listed on Euronext Amsterdam and is included in the AEX Index. For more information, please visit www.asrnl.com.

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