Ontvang tot wel €1000,- opleidingsbudget via het STAP-budget.

Advisory Board Securitisation Event

The programme is supported by an Advisory Board. The goal of the Advisory Board is to bring in knowledge and expertise from various professional fields. The Advisory Board offers advice on the strategic approach of the event, the programme and the Securitisation Award nominees.

The members of the Advisory Board:

Outvie Spreker | Bjorn Alink

Bjorn Alink

Managing Director & Head of Securitisation

Spreker Outvie - Rachelle Rijk

Rachelle Rijk


Outvie Spreker | Barend van Drooge

Barend van Drooge

Director Credit & Insurance Linked Investments
PGGM Investments

Spreker Outvie - Rob Koning

Rob Koning

Dutch Securitisation Association

Outvie Spreker | Jan_Joost_Leusveld

Jan-Joost Leusveld

Debt Capital Markets - Secured Debt

Outvie Spreker | Chris Kruthoffer

Chris Kruthoffer

Senior Portfolio Manager SF
APG Investments

Spreker Outvie - Hendrik Jan Luikinga

Hendrik Jan Luikinga

Manager Asset Finance Department
NN Bank

Outvie Spreker | Boudewijn Dierick

Boudewijn Dierick

MD and Country Executive
Auxmoney Investments Ltd.

Outvie Spreker | Hon Cheung Man

Hon-Cheung Man

Senior Portfolio Manager
NN Investment Partners